Committees and Workgroups

Since the formation of the syndicate, there have been three work committees: Namely, Architecture, Urban and regional Planning and Legal committees. Each committee submitted the discussed subjects of biweekly meetings to the board of directors for final decisions.

The strategic plan 2015-2018 recommended establishment of four more workgroups with defined areas of activities..

1) Entrepreneurship and business development workgroup.

2) Administrative workgroup.

3) Funding workgroup. and

4)  A campaign: Resettlement in the historic districts of inner cities

Committees and workgroups welcome new members.


Architecture Committee

Architecture Committee

The Architecture Committee has always required the integration of related disciplines such as, Urban and, Landscape Design, historic buildings rehabilitation, and  urban renovation.

Since 2005 the Committee’s agenda has been defined mainly in two major areas:

  1. Improving the position of architecture from social and moral views, also presenting comments on

building codes, issued by Governmental organizations.

  1. Reviewing today’s architecture trends and presenting theoretical subjects related to other fields of art such as music and visual arts by invited theoreticians to biweekly meetings in Iranian Artist’s Forum.

 Architecture committee has been also an active partner for funding and media workgroups.

Members: Mandana Cont “secretary”, Farideh Saebi, Negar Sabouri, Syrous Mehrandish, gholamreza jazayeri, Mohammadreza Emadi, Esmaeel Tavakoli mehr “Representative of the board of directors


Urban Planning Committee

 Urban and Regional Planning is a political, managerial  and engineering process which organizes land use plans, with the aim of improving the quality of living conditions, by providing desirable conditions of infrastructure and transportation in urban and regional areas. In this regard, the Urban Planning Committee has had an important role in affecting decisions made by sectors of urban planning and has developed collaboration with governmental and local organizations such as municipalities and has become a trustable organization in the professional work place of the country.

Members: Fereydoun Gazerani “Secretary”, Farhad ghasiri, Morteza Banaeezadeh, Mohsen Kheshti, Moharram Maanavi, Akbar jabbari “Representative of the board of managers”


Legal Committee

 The Legal Committee has an important role in the syndicate administration. Committee’s role is tracking and providing legal solutions to resolve disputes between members and employers, also to provide effective communication with professional institutions. Based on the regulations and statute of the syndicate, comments from committees and workgroups are being referred to the legal committee through the board of director. The Committee is constantly following contracts, bylaws, taxes and insurance matters of the members.

Members: Sepideh Shafaee ”Secretary”, Alireza Shahabian, Jamshid Hodaee, Mohammad Edalatkhah, Ahmad Khajeh, Saeed Sadatnia, “Representative of the board of managers”

 Entrepreneurship and business development Workgroup

 The entrepreneurship and business development workgroup has been formed based on the first section of the strategic plan 2015-2018, in present economic situations.

The main goals of the workgroup are to have an effective role in the process of urban development, to define new projects in both, public and private sectors, to be active in competent base selection of consultants, shifting from government based credits to the private sector developments, identification capabilities in the private sector and introducing skilled members to clients through media. Having active presence in the professional syndicates and organizations, also defining part of added value of developments for the benefit of members are part of committee’s mission. 

Members: Ahmad Goshayeshi “secretary”, Farideh Saebi, Sirous Bolourchi, Naser Mashhadizadeh, Fereydoun Beit Younan, Farhad Ghasiri, jamshid Hodaee, Parviz Mokhtari “ Directorate representatives”, Javad Akbari, Shahriar Yaghini.


Administrative Workgroup

The Administrative workgroup has been based on the second goal of the strategic plan 2015-2018, which is to have an effective presence in the process of changes in professional disciplines. The mission of the workgroup is to present ideas and comments on regulations, job referral processes and effective presence in documenting processes of the competency, collaborations with Construction Engineering Organization in the communal matters and determining an appropriate place for members and member firms in the C. E. O as well as wrapping up comments for seminars and general assembly meetings to be discussed.

 Members: Babak Aminzadeh “Secretary”, Syrous Bolourchi, Sepideh Shafaee, Ghasem Maleki, Fereydoun Beit Younan, Javad Akbari and Ahmad Goshayeshi


Funding Workgroup

 The treasurer of the Syndicate appealed need to attract sponsors in annual general meeting of 2016 in order to increase the affordability of the syndicate. The appeal was adopted by members.

The main goal of the funding workgroup is to provide financial resources, through making communications with well-known and famous brands in the building industry to attract their financial support from syndicate. In return to introduce their brands in media of the syndicate,. The workgroup has close collaboration with media group of the syndicate.

Members: Sirous Mehrandish “Secretary”, Shahriar yaghini, Mandana Cont, Esmaeel Tavakoli Mehr


A Campaign: Resettlement in the historic districts of inner cities

 The idea of developing  the workgroups for A Campaign: Resettlement in the historic districts of inner cities, has been formed with the aim of making historic districts livable,to put an end to further sprawl of towns and cities and preserving valuable historic architecture and urban texture in city centers.

The first step has been set to move consultants’ offices to these districts and moving their families in the next step, by providing better services and offer higher qualities of life. Following these actions, it is expected to change these historic districts to, populated, attractive and livable places on the whole a suitable for regeneration of inner cities in near future.

Members: Ali Badri “Secretary”, Faramarz Parsi, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, , Jalal Azadi, Shahriar Yaghini, Saeed Sadatnia, Esmaeil Tavakoli Mehr.


Representatives of the Syndicate in Tehran watch Group

 Fereydoun Gazerani, Mohammad Reza Emadi.