Iranian Artists' Forum meetings

Critical discourses on architecture and urban planning

Discourses on architecture and urban planning, began mid. May.2006 with cooperation of architecture and urban planning committees of ISCE and ISCAP and its’ 170th session continued under the title "Voice of Missing Nostalgia": an architectural discourse about   "space designing influenced by modern music".  During this time, these two professional organizations have been partners and the main organizers of meetings.  Our special thanks to the council of management of ISCE as well as Tehran Observer Group and also to professional publishers for their generous accompaniment.

Purpose of Meetings
The purpose of meetings is to present design ideas and new movements in architecture, urban design, landscape design, urban and environmental planning, urban sociology, and urban economy, also presenting documentaries about urban issues. As the relationship between architecture and  other  artistic movements have less opportunity to  be reflected In the professional sphere and the mass media ,Part of  meetings’  time is devoted  to issues raised and expression of ideas and criticisms of  attendees :the most pleasant parts of the meetings.


Our Partners
The presence and collaboration of clients is not only welcomed, but we have had requested their participation in discourses. Several meetings planned about the review of the planning strategies of Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, projects of Urban Development and Revitalization Office of ministry, Cultural Heritage Organization, Planning and Management Organization, Tehran Municipality and other Executive agencies and professional bodies.
Sessions devoted to these topics have been extremely successful in creating more understanding between clients and consultant bodies.  We believe that this kind of civil discourse can create public awareness of developments in a wide range of professionals, and enthusiasts to urban development issues and sustainable development. We tried to attract students and university professors to introduce new ideas about sustainability and responsible citizens.
We need accompaniment of our colleagues and interested bodies to offer new ideas about sustainable urban development, protection of ecosystems, cultural heritage and identity of our homeland Iran.

Our special thanks to the management of Iranian Artists Forum for providing all facilities for the formation of these meetings. Also accompaniment and collaboration of many interested bodies is highly appreciated for providing free professional and dynamic ideas and actions. Those who care about a better future for our homeland Iran.