Member Services

 Members of the Syndicate are always expecting to receive services in technical supports, up-to-date information as well as social services with suitable expenses. These expectations could be better feel by our colleagues in the current economic situation

Board of directors, committees and workgroups members have had six main goals in providing better services to members. These aims which were announced in the newsletter of 24th October 2015, are:

 1) Entrepreneurship and business development.

2) Advocating Union rights.

3) Effective contribution in the process of reformation of professional legislations.

4) Restructuring of media.

5) Developing the membership.

6) Funding requirements.

 By achieving these goals at designated time, we expect to become a more trustable and negotiable organization and transform the syndicate to a strong and extensive institution.

 Your membership in the Syndicate buys you a variety of benefits

 The goal of the Syndicate is to improve the quality of work place for all members. We undertake this duty through presenting services, and informing members of the latest events in the professional work place.

 This vision describes its services through participation of members and attracting new members in the following items

  1- Your company will have access to events, through a number of mediums about job opportunities     

2- Syndicate members can view a list of other member firms online

3- Syndicate members will have supplementary health care services at a discounted rate

4- Syndicate’s nationally recognized logo beside yours, could be a point of contact for governmental and private sector

5- Members are entitled to a considerable discount in the Adverting monthly e-newsletter and website  

6- Syndicate works with expert speakers to deliver a series of education and training programs

7- Selected lawyers by Legal Committee of Syndicate, will advise members about their claims from client


Membership Terms & Conditions

 Membership in the Syndicate is possible for all Consulting Firms active in the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design, historic buildings rehabilitation, landscape architecture and Urban Economics

 For more information please contact Ms. Shakeh Mina, director of administrative section.  Tel(+98 21 ) 88535055-6 or for membership forms click here