Iranian Syndicate of Consulting Architects and Planners is a professional and nonprofit

association, operating in the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design and

relatedprofessions with the following aims::

  • Safeguarding professional interests of member companies, through affecting Governmental requirements and building regulations.
  • Improving the qualities of urban living environment through taking part in the designing, monitoring and managing of urban development plans, as well as education, discourses on architecture and urban planning meetings and researching on urban issues.
  • Improving the quality of building industry through continuous collaborations in the fields of architecture, supervising and urban management with related organizations in the public and private sectors, aiming for sustainable development and preserving national wealth.
  • Development and export of engineering and technical services in the members’ area of activities

    Our member companies are active in the following fields:

    • Architecture
    • Urban, Regional  and Country Planning
    • Urban Design
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Historic buildings and urban district renovation
    • Urban economics