The Iranian Syndicate of Consulting Architects & Planners was founded in 1994 initially with 36 members by the efforts of the founding board; pioneering professionals of Architecture and urban planning of Iran.  After eight consecutive quarters with 112 members, mostly Grade 1 & 2 consulting firms, with approved qualifications by the Office of Consultants and Contractors of Management and Planning Organization, members are actively performing in designing, supervision and management of projects in national, regional, and local levels, also development and export of building design and technical services.
 The syndicate cooperates with building industry societies such as the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers," ISCE " The Syndicate of Construction Companies "SCC", and The Iranian Engineering Organization" IEO" also an active member of the Coordinating Council of, Engineering Corporative, and Professional Formations of the country. The main goals 0f the strategic plan 2015-2018 is to attract active members, especially recently established firms also aiming for collaborations with foreign similar organizations in the near future              .
The board of directors consists of 7 principal members and 3 alternatives, elected, by direct votes of members for a term of 3 years. The meetings of the Board are held once a week. The working committees are, Architecture, Urban planning and, Legal committees and five ancillary work groups.